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End of the Yearrr

Well, Saturday is the day that I will be done with my BFA in Animation...
So here are a few updates of my animationnnnzzz.

When You Sleep

When You Sleep from Diana Chao on Vimeo.


Yeahh yeah yeah yeahhhh got them projects alll finisheddddd

Avatar cheyanne
05-12-10 16:23
Gabby's sister
OMG! this was to cool that i almost pee'ed! (and i don't almost pee for just anything)
i wish i lived in life-world!
Avatar schelly
05-12-10 16:36
Warrior Princess
Awesome!! I especially liked the first one, though I'm sure the second took a lot more work :-P Got any fun plans for what to do after you're done killing yoruself for MCAD?
Avatar pureleaf
05-13-10 21:33
Wow, these are sweet. I absolutely love them!!
Avatar sk8outsidedabox
05-14-10 10:32
Awwwhh Snaps!!
Thx guysss.
No. Lol I don't know what I'll be doing. I might head back to Portland if I can get a post production studio job there...But I dunno.
*sigh* So many choices...0.o
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