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Am I Crazy?

Maybe a lil...

I'm living in NY now. I got a freelance gig for now...I think I swing by and get a REAL job by Sept!
My boi is coming to NY too to live here!! And also find a job!!
But he's moving in with me. I've only started dating him like a month ago.
But we were friends before that.
Before we hooked up we went to LA together and spent 2 weeks on the road, being in LA and livin it up!
And then we got to gether in MPLS, I lived with him for 2 weeks when I didn't have an apt and we were really fine. No fights, we didn't get annoyed with each other, we laughed a lot and did a lot of things...hahahhaa.
We tell each other everything. We talk the interwebz via chat everyday.
And he cares about me a lot and I also care about him a lot.
It's like, anything I do he supports and he doesn't care about anything that boyfriends would really care because he completely trusts me.

I haven't had a real relationship in 3 years....Lolol not to mention I never really date azn guys. hahahahhaha.

I miss him a lot.

Am I crazy? I kind of feel like it's a crazy move. But like, it feels right. And I am happy.


Besides, who doesn't like a cute azn couple? Lololol.

Avatar swift
08-10-10 19:30
a sum of his things
crazy right is still right :P
Avatar camabar
08-10-10 20:46
If you say so.
It's a bit crazy. . . but it seems like you got something good. Hope it works out!
Avatar effika
08-11-10 16:00
Prodigal Elowel User
Crazy, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Avatar betterbynow
08-19-10 22:06
Awww you guys are cute! It does seem a bit crazy but better than boring I believe! :)
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