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Livin The Dream

I officially live in NY now.

I got an apt with my boyfriend, it's super cute and we're living on the boarder of bed stuy...which is a ghetto ass area, but we're in the middle between rich hipsters and ghetto people. Lol
We also looked at the crime rates in our area...It's not ...SO bad.

It's kind of crazy. I've only been with Drew for 3 months.
And we have experienced things that only 2 + year couples have.

Now we're moving in with each other and got an apt for a year...in ny.

I love being young. You can only do crazy things like this when you're young.

Fuck ittt.

I like him. <3

Avatar sara *
10-28-10 11:03
Have some tea.
I can't wait to meet him! Good luck moving in - find some cheap furniture on craigslist! Do you think you'll come to Portland sometime during the holidays?
Avatar sk8outsidedabox
10-29-10 15:44
Awwwhh Snaps!!
If I got enough cash moniez. Then yes. I'll let you know in advance of course.
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